Saturday, December 4

Decking the Halls - The "Dressy Tree" is Up

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About 15 years ago, 
I started decorating a "dressy" Christmas tree
in addition to our family tree.

It's kinda funny, though -
back when I started doing this -
the fancy tree was my favorite.

Now, the "boy's tree" means more to me
with it's clumped lights
& home-made ornaments.

Anywho -
here's how I decorate the
dressy tree . . . 

First of all, have you ever tried putting
grape vines on your tree? It looks great!

Next, I add my ribbon. The first time I put
the ribbon on my tree, I didn't have enough to wrap 
all the way around. So it is cut into 3 sections for
"top", "middle", & "bottom". When we take
the tree down, they are labeled so the next year I 
don't have to figure out which is which. 
(This was my friend, Colette's, idea - Thanks Colette!)

(There's my curious little dog, Sam, again-he cracks me up!)

As I layer my tree, I go from the biggest items first to
the smallest.

I use these bunches I made early on . . . 


I love these little birds with real feathers
(so does my dog, Sam!).

Each year, I add to both our Christmas trees.
I found these balls above last year & fell in love with them.

More "decking" to come - but we're recovering from
the flu, so it's a little slower this year!

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