Friday, October 22

Farewell to Summer

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One thing I love
about the place where I live . . . 
we have

Fall is really in the air.
Leaves are changing & 
we are scurrying around 
trying to get our outdoor projects done
before the snow starts flying.

I made soup yesterday 
& it sure tasted good!

One disadvantage to summer fading away . . .
putting my bike away.

I heart my bike!

(Photos for this post by Jackie Kinahan)
This great poem describes how I feel:

WITH lifted feet, hands still,
I am poised, and down the hill
Dart, with heedful mind;
The air goes by in a wind.

Swifter and yet more swift,
Till the heart with a mighty lift
Makes the lungs laugh, the throat cry:--
'O bird, see; see, bird, I fly.'

(Going down Hill on a Bicycle, A Boy's Song)
By Henry Charles Beeching

I enjoy riding here there & everywhere around my city.

Farewell to Summer & my bike until next year.

PS - Cute Kristie at The Decorologist (LOVE her blog by the way) asked where I got my bike. The brand is "Nirve" & I got it at a local sporting goods store. If you go to their web site (click here) they have a dealer locator button.