Sunday, October 17

Jeff's Room is Finished!

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As promised from the last post,
here are the photos of
Jeff's room.

First, you should know that 
over time
his room became a . . . ahem . . . 
"gathering place" for objects that
we didn't know what to do with.

So-o-o it hurts, but I'm going to
show you the before . . .

And here's the after . . .

It takes up more room, 
but I love to "corner" a twin bed.
It looks so much more creative.

Finding something stylish for a
young man's bedroom is tricky!
I just love these linens 
& window treatments 
from Ikea.
(As you can see the bed is a hit
with our dog, "Sam" too!)

The "bus roll" in the background is 
filled with the names of places
Jeff has lived & visited while
he was away.
Click here to see the post about making the bus roll.

I also made this 
"computer keyboard" 
mirror with a few
special hidden messages 
just for Jeff.

This cozy chair & the throw
have special significance. 
They are from
the home of Jeff's grandma
who recently passed away.

I'm hoping it will remind him of all
the happy memories with her in her home.

I enlarged some of the
photos Jeff took in England
& framed them.
They hang above his
desk to as another
happy souvenir of
his travels.

Since he will be back to college
again soon, I tried to include 
grown-up things he can take
with him if he wants.
Hope he likes it!