Friday, October 15

Bus Roll or Subway Art for Jeff's Room

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My world-traveling son 
has been living away from home
for two years!
He's returning soon &
 as a surprise, I'm redecorating his room.

I've tried to use grown-up elements,
yet still have a sense of fun.

A while ago, Pottery Barn
started the 
or "BUS ROLL" trend.

I learned to make my own from
the fabulous

First, I collected the addresses
of the places Jeff has lived
while in England 
& the some of the places
he has visited.

Apparently, I'm the only one who doesn't have a Cricut machine, so-o-o

 I used my word processing program 
to make the words.

To do this: first type the words as usual,
then select them & choose a white-colored font.
Leave the text selected & make the background
dark by highlighting it in black.

Make sure to use different fonts 
& point sizes as you go. 
(I typed a period and a space before & after
the words so that the black highlighting
extended out beyond the letters.)

 Cut out the words in strips.
If white is showing on the edges,
color with a matching marker.

I used a 24 x 36 inch deep edge canvas
& spray painted it black before affixing 
the words.

I attached the word strips with 
Mod Podge.
(Use a ruler to make sure they 
are straight.)

It looks great if you wrap the words around the
edges of the sign here & there.

Another neat effect is to 
splatter white paint for an
aged look.

In the next post, I'll show you 
the completed room.

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