Tuesday, October 5

A Little Something for My Computer Nerd

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I'm redecorating 
my son's bedroom . . .
(more on that later!)

 Jeff is college age,
so I want his room to be grown up,
yet fun & full of things
that will be meaningful to him.

For this project,
I started with a trip to the thrift store
to buy a mirror & some
old computer keyboards.

 I chose this mirror because it had a 
wide, flat frame (and it was only $2).
With lots of soap & water, I was able
to remove the sunflower painting from the mirror.
I then painted the frame black. 

Next, I removed the keys from the keyboards.
First, we disassembled the keyboards by
removing the screws in the back.

I say "we" because hubby
reluctantly gladly helped!

Whenever possible, I cut the keys
off in sections with tin snips.
They are easier to glue on that way!
In cases where you can't cut them out in sections,
just use a butter knife to pry them out.

The first glue I bought 
just about burned my lungs to a crisp
was a little smelly,
so I recommend this Loctite brand.

This is the finished product.

There are even some hidden messages here & there.
I think my little computer nerd is going to love it!
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Warmly, Michelle

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