Monday, September 27

A Fondness for Firplaces

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In my little corner of the world
the weather is starting to cool off
& autumn is beginning.

So, you know what that means . . .

Honestly, I've never had a home
without a fireplace & 
I've always enjoyed using them.

So here's to cuddling up with some
hot cocoa & a really good book.

Check out these pretty fireplaces . . .

And remember, I don't use photos from magazines,
so forgive my mediocre photography!

This fireplace in my client Barbara's home is huge!
I had fun purchasing a large painting to go over it. 
The clock & candlesticks are also very big so that
all the accessories fit the scale of the mantle.
We  hired an electrician & had the beautiful sconces installed -
they add a lot to the warmth & ambiance of the room.

I searched for the perfect plant or floral arrangement,
but nothing was right.
So I took matters into my own hands & 
created this arrangement for the project.
I love the rich, warm reds which are shared
by the painting & the floral piece.
(I'll do a tutorial on something like 
this in the future, but I didn't have
my blog when I made it!)

My friend, Karen, created the above vignette. I love the antique gate!

Feng Shui enthusiasts think it's bad karma to put a mirror
over a fireplace, but I say "phooey" to that!
My clients have been pretty happy--mirrors & all!
Tip: If you can't find the right size mirror, 
you can go to a framer & have one made 
as we did with this narrow space.

Here's a close-up of the mantle in the photo above.
Before the makeover, this mantle looked pretty "builder's grade"
with it's glossy white paint. So we brought in an artist &
it was faux painted to look like natural stone. Love it!

I didn't design the above vignette, but I wish I could say I had!
This is in a client's home & I just had to snap a photo to share with you.
Of course, it's even prettier in person.

And here's my own home sweet home.
I love changing my mantle for special occasions.

Warmly, Michelle