Sunday, August 1

I Believe She's Amazing - A Tribute to Mom

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I often hear people talk about
their mother-in-law in . . . 
er . . . a less than positive light.

But God must have known that I 
needed a special woman to be 
my mom-in-law--because that's what I got.

Mom & me before she became ill.

So when I heard about this dance tribute
called "I Believe She's Amazing", 
I thought of Mom Lunt.

So, before you watch the dance video, I want to share 
something very personal about Mom. She is dying
with something called Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

As in every other phase of life, she is showing
courage & grace
Even as she struggles & suffers,
she continues to teach us--her children--SO MUCH.

I'll bet you know an
amazing woman too.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more
about Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Warmly, Michelle

Collage Art - Part 2

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So, I wanted to try 
the collage art again.
(Please see the previous post about 
the inspiration piece at Hallmark) 
The last project turned out . . . 
just OK. 
(I hate just OK).

I like this attempt better
 I used a deep, square canvas this time & wrapped the
scrapbook paper around the edges. 

By the way, this is me using Mod Podge -

"Oh no!! The paper is warping! It's WARRRPPINNGG!"
Oh well, it turned out alright anyway.
I definitely recommend putting the Mod Podge
on the bottom first, letting that dry,
then putting it over the top.

 And, just using four kinds of scrapbook paper
seemed to work better than the fifty pieces I used on my
previous attempt.  :D

On the advice of Cathycan,
I used an ink pad on the corners to add a little character.

Warmly, Michelle