Monday, July 26

Collage Art

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It may sound strange, but shopping at
Hallmark always puts me in a good mood.

I've been designing a little workspace for
myself and I saw this beautiful artwork by
Kelly Rae Roberts at my local Hallmark store.
It would look great on the wall above my table.

I fell in love with it, ALMOST bought it,
then wondered if I could use it as inspiration
to make something of my own.

Instead of buying a stretched canvas (like the original)
I found a wooden "Hawaii" plaque at the the thrift store
for $2. I almost primed it, but then I realized that I
could Mod Podge right over it. 
For the words, I changed the font on each letter
of the Faith, Trust, etc. message.
I also glued some sequins & beads on.
I glued lace on the fairy wing.

This is my version . . . 

I might try it again with fewer kinds of paper. 
Maybe it's too busy?

And, I still really love the one at the Hallmark store
Maybe I'll get one of those too!

I'll show you my work space IF I ever finish it! Ha ha.

Warmly, Michelle