Wednesday, July 21

Real People And Their Homes - Colorful and Comfortable

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I love the "eye candy" photos out there in blogland -
those perfect pictures of homes and
food from catalogs and magazines . . . 

Since other bloggers are already showing those,

I've decided to make my blog about 
real things I'm involved in and 
real people I know -
all presented with my IMPERFECT photos!

(But I'm working on the photography part!)

Today I'm starting a new series called
"Real People and Their Homes".

 I'm so excited to introduce you to my dear friend Debi and her 
(P.S. - I can take no credit--Debi did everything herself!)

I asked Debi some questions so that you can get to know her:

Question: You are not afraid of color - in fact use of bright color is one 
of the trademarks that makes your home special - how do you make your choices?
Debi: "People often tell me, 'I wish I dared use color!' I have a very eclectic style. I got that from my mom. She was ahead of her time in her color choices and she picked things other people weren't picking even back in the '50's. Most of the things I choose are because of the color 
or a memory the object invokes. Color-wise,
everything goes with everything. The sky is the limit and I don't have a lot of rules."

Question: What collection is your favorite?

Debi: "My collections have changed over the years. I used to collect cookie cutters & nutcrackers, but I don't feel anything for them anymore. Now I collect words: books,  favorite quotes, favorite lines from movies. I wanted to write on my walls before vinyl was invented!"

Note: one of Debi's favorite quotes is on her family room wall:

"All the people I love come here on their way to &
from the most important moments in their lives"

Question: If money were no object, what would you buy?

Debi: "A big, huge gingham & floral sofa AND a swimming pool!"

(Debi created this ribbon window treatment)

  Question: What store could you spend hours browsing?

"Home Goods. Or if I'm in New York City, Kate's Paperie."

Question: Where do you turn for inspiration when you are in a creative funk?

Debi: "Music, great blogs, Studio 5 (local TV show), & memories"

Question: You brought up music, what is the theme song of your life? 

Debi: "I recently had stage-side seats to a James Taylor concert. My kids asked what I would say to James if I got a chance to talk to him. I would say, 'Thanks for being the soundtrack to my life".

 Question: What projects are you most proud of?

Debi: "In the context of my house, having an inviting & fun place
where people want to be. But more importantly, I'm proud of my
marriage. We've endured a lot in 37 years!"

Since I never want to leave, I would say Debi has accomplished her goal a fun home 
where people want to be. Thank you, my friend, for sharing with me
& my readers.

Warmly, Michelle

The Lettered Cottage