Sunday, July 4

A Room Fit for a Princess

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When we were looking for design inspiration
for Andrea's room,
we fell in love with this darling fabric . . . 

We chose two other coordinating fabrics & had 
custom bedding & drapes made.
As a result, her room is a one-of-a-kind.

Also, taking a cue from the fabric, we had an artist duplicate &
hand paint the simple flowers sporadically on the walls. 
She also hand painted Andrea's name above the bed.

It wasn't easy finding a "magical-looking' mirror
that didn't break the bank.
This one was from a home catalog.

This room turned out ALMOST as adorable
as it's occupant!

When designing your room, I recommend that you find a piece of artwork or fabric
to use as a "jumping off" point.
It will help you keep focus to make sure everything
ties together.

Warmly, Michelle