Monday, June 28

Making Library Bags for Book Club Friends

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One thing is for sure!
I love to read & I love my book club friends!

I actually had the idea to make a book bag for each of the girls
back when I hosted book club -
but I ran out of time, so they're getting them now.

I started out with these 
black "reusable grocery bags"
  you find around town.
Mine were 99 cents at  Smith's grocery store, but
Michael's Craft stores also have them. If you don't have either store, I've heard you
 can purchase the bags on the internet.

I took some pages out of an old, damaged book 
(no judging please! Ha ha!) and ran them through 
my computer printer to print the monograms.

Opposite the side with the monogram, I added the above
very true delightful quote from Pride and Prejudice.

I zigzagged the book pages on the bags with my sewing machine - 
carefully covering the "Smith's" logo.
There is also a red logo on the right bottom corner,
but it's too low to sew on the ribbon. 
I used fabric glue to affix this strip of ribbon on the bottom.
I found some of my ribbon at the thrift store! Wahoo!
The rest is from Hobby Lobby & Michael's Craft stores.

I only had one rule on the ribbon--
it had to be green. Any hue, any value!
I think it works!

I sewed ribbon on the handles & tied ribbon on the side
with a sweater flower or fabric flower for extra embellishment.

Each bag is unique--like my beautiful buddies.
I am daily blessed by their friendship & 
hope they enjoy these home-made gifts.