Tuesday, June 22

A Gift for Jake - Hooded Baby Towels

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My beautiful niece, Trisha, has just given birth to a 
sweet little baby boy!
I wanted to make a special gift for our little miracle.
Then I remembered my friend, 
Cathy (creative goddess),
 makes the cutest hooded baby towels!
She taught me how and--with her permission--
I'm sharing with you!

First, (I love this step), go shopping!
You'll need a soft towel, a washcloth,  & ribbon to match.
You can make a bow with the ribbon for a girl--
or for a boy purchase a cute patch. 
If you are going to have the name embroidered on, do it first thing.  
Here the name is horizontally centered &
 4 inches from the bottom
(Hopefully you have a sweet friend like mine 
who will do it for you--thanks Lynette!)

Next, sew the ribbon along the bottom edge 
& attach the patch.
If you're doing a bow, I would attach it last.

Fold the washcloth horizontally--right sides together--
& sew a seam close to the edges of both t
he right & left sides.

I used masking tape to demonstrate where the next seam is 
so that you can see it. Sew two diagonal lines  like so:

Fold these corners to the back of the washcloth
(the side without the ribbon & embroidery) 
& sew. Careful not to catch the other side!

Turn hood right side out & it should look something like this:

Sorry this is hard to see! Mark the horizontal center of your towel.
Make a box pleat in the center & one half box pleat on each side of the full box pleat. 
The blue pins represent the pleats going one way &
the yellow pins represent the pleats going another way. 
Each half pleat is about 2 inches.

With right sides together, attach the hood to the
pleated portion of the towel.
It gets bulky when you get near the side seams of the hood,
 so I hand sewed that firmly into place.
Tip: Sew all your seams twice to insure durability
wash after wash!

Here's the finished product . . . 

Welcome to the world Baby Jake!

These wonderful photos are courtesy of Studio Tran Photography

These darling knitted crowns are available on  Etsy