Saturday, June 19

Design Tip - Updating Metal Finishes

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Unless you have the funds to build your dream home, 
(see A Dream House for Trish)
most of us are doing the most with what we have!

Which brings me to metal finishes. 
This is one of the things that can make the difference
between your home looking updated & current--
or out of style. 

If you have a historic home, the brass finish is still great!
For the rest of us, changing our brass fixtures will help give 
our home a more current vibe. 

(Sorry if this makes anyone feel badly--the truth hurts sometimes!)

I personally replaced all the door knobs in my house 
and we've enjoyed the result. 
(The style also made it feel less "builder's grade" & more custom)

However, it's not always necessary to 
replace--you can refurbish some fixtures VERY inexpensively!

I use this product a lot!
Click here  for some FAQ's about using it. 
It is available in silver & pewter also, but I've only used this "blackened bronze"
because it coordinates well with my oil-rubbed bronze finishes.



I don't know if I'd try it on doorknobs because they get touched SO much, but 
it hasn't worn at all on these closet doors. It only cost pennies to do instead of 
probably about $5 per knob. I even used it on the railing in front of my
home. (It is partially covered from moisture though). 
You can even paint & refinish light fixtures.

Please click here to see my new blog friend's project
at "The Wonders of Doing". She did a great job 
on her bathroom lights!

Warmly, Michelle