Monday, June 14

Keys, Please!

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I've never been much of a "collector". 
It just seemed like nothing ever tickled my fancy enough to gather multiples & enjoy them.
Then I saw my friend's collection of antique keys. 
(Cue angels singing!)
I looked at all those beautiful keys--each one unique in size & color.
When Karen saw my delight, she gave me one of her keys.
An addiction A collection was born.

(I purchased this shadowbox frame at Pottery Barn)

I love to think about the story behind each key. 
I imagine where the home or apartment was . . . 
who used it to unlock their special space . . .
how was their life similar to or different from mine.

When your friends find out about your addiction, 
they give you keys & key related gifts! 
I love this "key cabinet" with storage for
keys inside given to me by the Ingalls girls.

I also look for a key as a souvenir 
each time I go on a noteworthy trip.
New York City was the location where I had the hardest time finding one!

See all the tags hanging from the keys?
They tell where the key was purchased and/or
who gave it to me.

I especially heart the key my dear son sent to me from England.
Until recently, it was still used to unlock one of the "flats" in his mission!
He surprised me with it on my birthday. I was so touched, I wept.

Each Christmas, Hallmark makes a "Santa" key.
I also love collecting these magic keys.
They are to be placed outside your door (on Christmas Eve) for Santa's
convenience if you don't have a fireplace--or so he doesn't HAVE
to come down the chimney--which must be tiresome house after house!

What do you like to collect?