Thursday, June 10

Sew Easy - A Flower Broach

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Do you have some wonderful friends who've been with you for years?
Me too! (LUCKY US!)
Have you begun to forget what you've already given them for birthday gifts? Me too!
New plan: every year I decide on a special gift &
I give it to ALL my friends.
(Easier to remember that way!)
 For 2010, I've been making flower broaches to give to those wonderful people in my life.
One way to make them is from recycled sweaters--click here to see how.
Or if you want to use fabric, here's another way.

Cut a strip of fabric about 3" wide and 22" long (a shorter width will work fine too).

With right sides together, sew along the edge. (This can be seen on the right side in photo)

 Fold fabric (wrong sides together) & sew the raw edge opposite the fold.
Using a running stitch, gather into a circle.
Sew the circle closed in the center.
If your fabric is like mine, you can cut out a little flower from the print
to place in the center. (Or you can just sew a button in the middle).

On the back, sew on a little piece of felt & a pin.

Sew easy!

Warmly, Michelle