Friday, June 4

My Favorite Homemade Gift - First Aid Kits

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I've made dozens of these cute little "wallet" type first-aid kits 
for friends & family. They're great for a purse, to keep in your car, or your desk at work--
and especially for traveling.

You'll need: 
  • a rectangular pot holder with a loop in the center of the top (Target usually has them)
  • 8 ziploc sandwich size bags
  • bias tape
  • a button
  • fabric to put a cute embellishment on the front (optional)

 Measure & mark the center of your pot holder. Stack 4 of the ziploc bags as close together as you can & pin in place. Sew a zig-zag stitch across from end to end.

After sewing, snip the "un-zipper" end of the bags as close to the stitching as possible. (This is the excess & it is not needed.)

Pin, zig-zag, & cut the other side the same as before.

Stitch a row of bias tape over the zig-zag stitching. (Fold the bias tape under at the ends so you don't have raw edges.)

 Sew a button & (if you want) an embellishment on the front. (TIP: be careful not to use a button that is too large--even though the loop looks big, it takes a small button.)

Next I use a label making machine to label each pocket with things like "Ibuprofen" & "Tylenol" and fill them. I always put a supply of band-aids inside too. It's nice if you also want to put a little sewing kit in one pocket. 
My friends have enjoyed this gift 
& used it for years. 
Hope your loved ones like it too!