Monday, May 24

Creative Ideas for Giving Money (On Studio 5)

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I was excited when Studio 5 asked me to demonstrate my version of a money lei on their show . . . then my heart kinda stopped for a minute when they asked me to come up with three other ideas to make with money (in just a few days time). When the ol' ticker started up again, these are the ideas I came up with. They are presented as grad gifts, but could be given on other occasions too, of course.

The money ring idea is from the internet. For great origami instructions, click here. Just skip the steps until you get to a rectangle (this tutorial starts out with a square piece of paper).

I came up with the idea of giving an "Automated Teller Machine".  I just painted a sturdy box black, weighted it inside (with a bag of lentils from the food storage--finally found something to do with them!) so that it feels more real, & cut a slit for the money. Hubby  found a pic of a keyboard on the internet & we Mod Podged it on. If we'd had more time, it would have been fun to find a flat calculator & glue it on like a key pad (and you could really press the buttons). Inside, the money is just taped together on a roll. It's fun to surprise to have a $5 or $10 (or whatever denomination) bill here & there.

I loved the idea of making a money necktie, but I couldn't find any on the internet. (Was I the first to think of it???) So, here's how I did it. Again, you could use any denomination, but remember--on some bills the president is not centered. (Hubby reminded me that we don't have a money tree in the back yard, so I used one dollar bills for this project.)
Using a necktie, trace around the outline. The tie--from the top of the knot to the bottom pointy thing--is about 18".  It's about 16" from the bottom to the knot & the knot is about 1 3/4 inches.

Then, just kind of free hand the lines where the tie tapers in & the knot at the top. Cut out your pattern & start taping the money on any which way you want. Use the Scotch brand "Magic Tape". I rarely use this cloudy "matte finish", but it's great for projects like this.  I taped the money on the front in a pattern, but for the back--just made sure it was covered with money.
When you get to the knot, it's time to put the elastic on. Cut the elastic to the  neck size of the person you are making the tie for (probably 15 1/2 to 16 1/2 inches). And staple the elastic to the back. Then I stapled some stuffing to the front of the knot to make it pooch out. Cover it (loosely) the best you can.

Click here for the instructions on how to make a money lei.

Here is a link to make eyeglasses out of dollar bills--if you like origami--which I DON'T! Ha ha.

As mom always said, "Money fits everyone". And as we all know, young people love to receive it. But even when giving cash, there are creative ways to put a little of yourself into your gift to give it in a creative, fun & memorable way.