Saturday, May 22

This Girl Deserves a Party! A Baby Shower for Jenn

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Cute Jenn, the mother of two girls, is now expecting her little caboose in June. We couldn't resist throwing her a shower to get ready for "Baby Sam".

I chose these bright colors with Baby in mind so Jenn could use the decorations in her nursery. The polka dot "table cloth" is actually a twin size flat sheet from Target. I like to hide cake plates & pans under the table cloth & scrunch the cloth up here & there. This allows you to put the food at different heights so it looks like a fancy buffet. (See the following tutorial on how to make the pom poms hanging above the buffet).

Darling friends Shelley & Aubry . . .  By the way, click here for instructions on how to make the diaper cake.

Behind these girls you can see the "clothes line" with onesies - in the party colors - strung across the room. The clothes line was blue & white--from the dollar store. (Sorry I didn't get a very good shot of it.) Jenn also took the clothes line home to hang in her nursery.

Best Wishes Jenn! We can't wait for Sam to arrive!

Making Tissue Pom Poms

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I can't believe how easy & inexpensive these pom poms are to make--and they can give your party a big impact!
Start with about ten sheets of tissue paper. If you want, you can cut the edges in curved scallops or pointy tips.
Next, fold the tissue paper like a fan. Each fold is almost 2 inches, or each section that you see above is divided into thirds. Secure the center with a wire. MAKE SURE THE WIRE IS  IN THE CENTER!

This is a good time to also attach the ribbon you will be using to hang the pom pom. Starting on one side, gently pull the paper away--a sheet at a time--from the rest. Like this:
Now it's just fluff, fluff, fluff. So easy.  It's also fun to vary the sizes of the balls by just cutting off some of the length of the tissue paper.There are even kits you can buy made by companies like Lilly Pulitzer or Martha Stewart.  I gave these to my friend to use in her baby's room after the shower.