Wednesday, April 7

It Aint Easy Being Green . . . AND MODEST!

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First of all, my friends know I would use any excuse to dress up in a costume. So when my sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, & I went to the musical "Wicked", we decided to wear all green--to look like residents of Oz. Cool! As I searched all over town, I had a difficult time finding something to wear in that perfect "emerald-city green" colorway. I found this dress (I'm on the right), but it had some modesty issues. The very large keyhole in the back was easily covered with the black jacket. The tip I'd like to share involves the length. Since the skirt was several inches too short, I let out the hem and sewed a band of black fabric on the bottom. This made the skirt four inches longer and it looked like it was made like that way begin with. It was perfect! You can also add a ruffle to the bottom of a dress or skirt to make it longer. Even if it takes a little more effort, I feel more comfortable & have more fun when I'm dressed modestly.