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Friday, September 3

"Sew Inspiring" . . . Re-working a Thrift Store Dress

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Have you heard about
and her blog

She's re-working a thrift store
dress every day for 365 days!

I was sew inspired that I decided to give
it a try . . . 

(This is the dress after a few changes which made it more suitable for me)

I bought this dress at my
local thrift store for $6 . . . 
(this is a very bad photo!)

I love the fabric! 
It reminds me of a Lily Pulitzer print.
Which I love!
Like this Lily Pulitzer scarf:

 But the neckline was very low.

I decided to re-work the dress by using the
belt (which I knew I'd never use)
to make a ruffle for the neckline . . .

 (I cut the belt in half)

(Then, sewed two rows of basted stitching for gathering) 

 (I pinned & stitched the ruffle to the neckline)

 (Photos by Jackie Kinahan)

 I made a matching flower pin
(click here to learn how) &
I paired it with a white cardigan
from Old Navy

Love it! 


  1. How fun! I cant wait to go and check out her site, it sounds so cool!!

    love your guts

  2. I love the dress and how you added the ruffles! That is what I have been doing with my makeovers too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good job! I do this too as a hobby and to keep 4 daughters dressed well! I just featured one on my blog this past week. Check it out when you can.

  4. A new dress for 365 days? Ahhh, can you imagine?

    Love what you have created. My first time here. Nice "meeting" you!

  5. Wonderful work...who would of thought to use the belt? What a nice addition to your wardrobe for only $6.00!

  6. Wow that is fantastic!! I just started sewing and can't imagine having the vision to come up with those changes! Congratulations!

  7. that turned out awesome
    The mere sight of a needle and thread makes my hyperventilate.

  8. Thanks so much for the note and invite to your Gorgeous blog Sweetie,,, and BTW You are Gorgeous yourself!!! Beautiful ideas and thoughts and that you LOVE God,,,just Awesome...I'm so hApPy to be here...
    I have added on as follower too, hope it is OK...
    Blessings and Hugs Dena

  9. PS::: I did not come by to try for the giveway ,,just friendship along God's way..
    Hugs Continued~~~Dena

  10. Wow.... you did a great job, the dress is beautiful.

  11. So lovely! You did a fabulous job on this dress. :)

    The only time I've ever reworked anything is when I bought a dress from Ann Taylor Loft for $5 - wore it once as is, but the sleeves were just too poufy for me. So I cut off the sleeves, tucked under and hemmed, and wore it with a tee underneath (because it was also low). It turned out cute! I was almost afraid to ruin the dress, but I knew I wouldn't actually wear it otherwise...

  12. wow, that is wonderful! The dress is so cute! I am so impressed, I can barely use my sewing machine...

  13. I'm so impressed! The dress turned out so cute! It looks great!

  14. So darling! Who would have thought! I might have to try that-that turned out so cute!


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