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Monday, June 14

Keys, Please!

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I've never been much of a "collector". 
It just seemed like nothing ever tickled my fancy enough to gather multiples & enjoy them.
Then I saw my friend's collection of antique keys. 
(Cue angels singing!)
I looked at all those beautiful keys--each one unique in size & color.
When Karen saw my delight, she gave me one of her keys.
An addiction A collection was born.

(I purchased this shadowbox frame at Pottery Barn)

I love to think about the story behind each key. 
I imagine where the home or apartment was . . . 
who used it to unlock their special space . . .
how was their life similar to or different from mine.

When your friends find out about your addiction, 
they give you keys & key related gifts! 
I love this "key cabinet" with storage for
keys inside given to me by the Ingalls girls.

I also look for a key as a souvenir 
each time I go on a noteworthy trip.
New York City was the location where I had the hardest time finding one!

See all the tags hanging from the keys?
They tell where the key was purchased and/or
who gave it to me.

I especially heart the key my dear son sent to me from England.
Until recently, it was still used to unlock one of the "flats" in his mission!
He surprised me with it on my birthday. I was so touched, I wept.

Each Christmas, Hallmark makes a "Santa" key.
I also love collecting these magic keys.
They are to be placed outside your door (on Christmas Eve) for Santa's
convenience if you don't have a fireplace--or so he doesn't HAVE
to come down the chimney--which must be tiresome house after house!

What do you like to collect?


  1. I love your wrinkled ladies post- SO FUNNY! I LOVE your collection. I can't say I really have a collection. I love books-especially old ones. But I haven't been very good at collecting them. I should really think about this-the one from your son is so sweet-it made me shed a few tears!

  2. What a great hobby. I love the black frame with the keys - very nice!

  3. What a wonderful collection! I don't really have a collection either but I think collecting keys would be a lot of fun!

  4. Wow! I never realized that there were so many different kinds of antique keys out there. They really are all different. That is so cool! I am definately going to pay attention the next time I come across an old key...I just might start a collection myself. Your collection is beautiful, and I like how you have them tagged with where they were bought and who gave them to you. great idea!

  5. Wonderful collection!
    Hi Michelle,
    This is Terri from Dimples & Dragonflies. Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet message at my place. Your words regarding my mother truly touched my heart.
    I've become one of your Followers this morning. Love your beautiful site. I'll certainly be visiting again.
    Have a glorious weekend!
    Hugs Of Friendship & Sunshine,

  6. What wonderful set of keys! Gerat to meet you! You have a beautiful blog!

  7. What a creative idea! and the Santa keys would be so much fun for little kids!

    Thank you for the comments you left at my blog I appreciate your kind words.

    Still climbing mountains,
    Molly Bredehoft

  8. What a nice collection, I love your display. My children love to collect keys, though they have an extensive collection of ordinary ones. I think I will show them your collection, perhaps inspire them to get serious collecting beautiful keys.

  9. What a wonderful key collection you have. I love the way you display them!

  10. This is such a cute project! We live in a farmhouse from 1901, and our doors actually use skeleton keys! I have always wanted to frame a few!

  11. I collect keys too! I have no idea what it is about keys that I find so irresistible, but I like old ones, new ones, and the glittered ones found in Wal-mart's Christmas collection for 2010!!!! (Even pictures of keys make me happy!) Your displays of your keys are awesome!!!!

  12. Great collection of keys.
    I love keys too.

    I collect, collections. =)

    I get a few of this or that, then start gathering something else.
    Variety you know. =)

    Good idea to start a real collection though. Gives an excuse to buy them, and great gift ideas for others to get you.
    So far, mine are not so special, as I buy them for my art. Much more fun to receive them form someone else.

    OK kids, hear that? Mom's collecting keys. =)

    barbara jean

  13. I love your key collection and what you did with it! I have just done a post this past week about my keys too. They, however, are only on old key rings. Now, I have a new idea for them. Blessings, Pamela

  14. Love this post. I always love to see how others display their key collection. Mine are hung by ribbon on my stairwell and they sound like windchimes as the dogs tails hit them. you can see them here.

    I collect all sorts of bottles, hats, keys, everything!

    I am your newest follower and i've 'pinned' a few of your projects on my pinterest board.

  15. Love keys too! Your displays are very creative ...they look great!

  16. lovely , creative displays! I love vintage keys too! Thanks for the inspiration!


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